The CUNA Lending Council offers scholarships each year to eligible individuals. Each award will be for up to $2500, and can be used toward combined expenses.

Scholarships can be applied to the following programs:

Scholarships will be approved prior to attendance of the school, but reimbursed after proof of attendance is provided. Scholarship recipients of the CUNA Lending Council Conference must stay at the hotel in which the conference takes place.


To be considered as a potential scholarship recipient, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Credit union must be affiliated with CUNA.
  2. Credit union must demonstrate a financial need (see "Reasons for Request" on application form for additional information).
  3. Full-time employees and volunteers from small credit unions under $75M or troubled credit unions of all sizes are eligible.
  4. Two scholarships per credit union per year.
  5. One scholarship per person per year across all CUNA Councils.
  6. Recipients may receive a scholarship for two consecutive years, but must then wait at least one year before re-applying.

Application Procedures

To download the application form in Microsoft Word format, click below.

With your completed application form, submit the following:

  1. A copy of your CU's most recent state/federal examination.*
  2. Copies of any Letters of Understanding, if applicable.*
    * Only the section pertaining to the requirement of coursework, if that is the application reason.

Applications submitted without these attachments will be ineligible.

Selection Criteria - A scholarship committee, led by Aaron Bresko of GTE Financial, will select the recipients based on reasons stated on the application form. All decisions are final.


Entries must be postmarked at least 45 days prior to the starting date of the conference or school you desire to attend.

All applications and collateral materials should be sent to:

CUNA Lending Council Scholarship Committee
Council Scholarship Administration
Phone: (800)356-9655, ext. 4018