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Six More Weeks of Loan Payment Relief

Thanks to a novel Groundhog Day promotion, some members of ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union found themselves rooting hard for six more weeks of winter. more>

Time to Rethink Your Position in the Homebuyer Lifecycle

For most people, buying a home doesn’t happen quickly. more>

Lending Spring Is in the Air, Along with Mortgages and Auto Loans

Credit Union Journal talked with credit union execs and analysts to see what promos credit unions are thinking about this season, and mortgages—not surprisingly—topped a number of lists. more>

The Credit Union Loan-Closing Experience

Why would any lawyer conjure up the term "loan-closing experience"? more>

A New Year’s Hangover for Mortgage Originations?

It’s official: We must now find success in an ability to repay/qualified mortgage (ATR/QM) world. more>

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