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White Paper Covers Finding Success in Commercial Lending

Credit unions offering “business loans” to their members is nothing new. In fact, credit unions have been doing just that to various degrees since the movement’s inception more than a century ago. What is new, or at least noteworthy, is the in creasing si more>

Colorado's Payday-Loan Experiment May Foreshadow Nationwide Changes

As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau prepares to write nationwide rules for payday lending, the Colorado experiment is instructive. The law, which occupies a middle ground between highly restrictive states like New York and lax states such as Texas more>

Challenging the Conventional Wisdom in Auto Lending

Several weeks ago, I responded to a post on the Lending Council List Serve and shared some of my credit union’s experience with auto loan losses. I also offered to share a deeper look at our metrics to anyone interested. more>

Loan Pricing Tools for Raising Deposits

Loan pricing apps are capable of inspiring a bank toward any number of strategies beyond setting decent loan rates: growing profit; improving credit risk management; encouraging fee income; migrating away from expensive products; and growing deposits! How more>

Loan Participations: The Winning Scenario for Any Credit Union’s Business Lending Strategy

Credit union lending activity remains strong and active. Still, many credit unions fear the ominous regulatory cap. .) Efforts continue to see the cap raised... Should such legislation not pass, at least in the near term, are those credit unions with hea more>

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