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If You’re Serious about Leading, You should Ask More Questions

Despite H. L. Menken’s famous warning that “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong,” let me offer a very single action step leaders can take to improve the situation: Ask more questions. more>

Four Things that Improve Auto-Loan Refinance Results

If your auto-loan portfolio has been steadily increasing along with the lending industry as a whole, that’s great—but don’t be content. more>

Mitigate Subprime Lending Risk: Nine Steps

Making loans to subprime, or nonprime, borrowers is risky business. But if properly implemented and controlled, these loan can be an acceptable complement to credit unions’ loan portfolios—and a vehicle to meet members’ needs. more>

The Top Five Qualities to Consider When Vetting the Ultimate Lending Partner

Offering mortgage products is critical to a credit union’s success; however, the risk, complexity, and cost of lending have forced some community institutions to partner. more>

Identifying Loan Portfolio Risks Early

It can be seductive for a loan officer, a loan manager, or even a CEO to think that once a loan has been approved and funded the work is done. In reality, loan portfolios require constant monitoring and oversight. more>

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